Our Investment Interests

Hopen has selectively made investments across the life science and healthcare spectrum.  We are interested in promising healthcare solutions with the potential to significantly advance the quality of patient care, in a cost effective way.

We’ll typically invest $3 to $5 million over the life of the investment but have flexibility to do more or less depending on the opportunity.

We have no geographic limitations but we are particularly interested in opportunities found in the Midwest.  We believe the region contains a significant pool of life science talent and resources. Yet, development costs tend to be lower than other well-known life science regions.


It Takes More Than Capital

Our partnership starts with funding.  We prefer investments where our team can make meaningful contributions to the company’s objectives.  Depending on the specific needs of the company, our roles have varied from active board participation to more practical functions.  Examples include strategic planning and fundraising.

Having a trusted resource network to turn to allows a small company to focus on the activities it does best. Over the last four decades, we’ve grown relationships with insightful peers around the globe. Some of our portfolio company successes can be linked to collaborations with individuals found in our network.


Investment Process

If you are seeking funding for an investment opportunity, please submit a non-confidential executive summary, business plan, or presentation along with a short introductory note to Nate Fredrickson (info@hopenls.com). Please make sure your submission addresses the following subjects:

  • Technology and team overview.
  • What is the medical need / solution?
  • What data have you generated to demonstrate you will be successful solving the problem?
  • What are your funding needs?
  • How will those funds be used?
  • What are the risks and mitigation strategy?
  • What is the strategic fit?
  • Current practices and costs.